Anabolic Steroids: Good Or Bad?

Before you make this decision, let’s find out more about Anabolic Steroids. Anabolic steroids are artificially manufactured hormones in chemical labs. This is artificial testosterone which functions similar to our natural testosterone, only slightly better. Anabolic steroids are wide used or shall we say abused in body-building competitions and other athletic competitions. It’s very difficult to detect its use as it removes itself from our body within a week. Other ways to detect are very expensive and time consuming and hence not done by any organization.

But, we want to know if they work. Do they? Yes. They do work. All the body-builder and power lifters who have used it, swear by it. They experienced immense growth in muscle size and strength. Their stamina increased by leaps and bounds. Results were undeniable. But, after retiring from professional body building and competitions, the same powerlifter and body builders were asked if it was worth it. Their answer will surprise you. They said no. let’s find out why.

Steroid use has many dangerous side effects. One of them is steroid rage, which means becoming angry and frustrated for every small reason. Mood swings is another mental side effect. It becomes very difficult to manipulate daily life situations like a normal, well balanced person.

After use of steroid and then stopping it, loss of bone density was also noticed. Fractures and splints even after falling from stairs becomes normal.

Palumboism is one another side effect. Palumboism is a gut disorder which causes abnormal growth of our abdomen and gut. Palumboism has affected many body builder who now suffer from excruciating pain.

All these could have been avoided by using natural ways and supplements instead of anabolic steroids. Natural ways like exercising, proper diet and regular sleep pattern are good start. To achieve good results in shorter time, natural testosterone boosting supplements can be used.

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