Mistakes Hampering Production Of Natural Testosterone.

Testosterone is a mighty hormone when it comes to body structure and masculine features. It boosts muscle growth and overall features of our body. It is produced in testes and adrenal glands. Testosterone level in our body drops after we cross 26 years of age. We try to find out how can we regain our youthful glory and find out about testosterone. After reading benefits of testosterone, everybody is trying to find ways to boost testosterone levels. Many try to increase by consuming artificial steroids or by doing exercises recommended by gym trainer. But are they correct? Let us find out more.

Here we have compiled a list of mistakes which many people commit and hamper their testosterone levels.

1. Lack of exercise: Lack of exercise or improper exercise is one of the major mistakes people do regarding improving their levels of testosterone. Low intensity exercise like walking never increases production of testosterone. High intensity exercises like sprinting or interval training will be ideal to boost testosterone level. Lifting heavy weights is also an excellent way to increase testosterone level.
2. Improper diet: Everybody loves fast and junk food. This fast and junk food contains large amount of calories and very less amount of nutrients. These calories are often converted into fats. These fat increases level of estrogen which in turn reduces level of testosterone. Estrogen is also responsible for feminine characteristics. Hence avoid fast and junk food. Food items like coconut, shrimp, and strawberries help in boosting testosterone levels.
3. Playing fast and loose with supplements: People often take supplements just because their friend suggested. Instead opt for a natural supplement which has natural ingredients. Supplements made from natural ingredients are effective and do not have any side effects.

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